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Abstracter - Tomb Of Feathers

Abstracter - Tomb Of Feathers

Label : The Path Less Traveled Records | Archive under doom metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Marcel H. : Forty minutes smeared out over three songs, a mini cd or full-length? Personally, I will keep to a full-length by this American combo. Totally from out of nowhere the band strikes with debut 'Tomb Of A Feather' which has been mastered by none less than James Plotkin (Khanate among others). And besides the mastering being swell, the three songs are as well. When it comes to the music think of a mix of Amebix, Swans, Godflesh with some parts structured Khanate. Or to pigeonhole it: Crust sludge post metal. I wouldn't be able to describe it any differently. Opener 'Walls That Breathe' immediately sets the tone with its eleven minutes and the listener barely gets time to breathe, or it has to be during the more mellow post metal parts. All three songs are of the same high quality of which sixteen minute closer 'Ash' has my slight preference. Anyone who likes the mentioned bands should definitely check out Abstracter.

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