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At The Skylines - The Secrets To Life

At The Skylines - The Secrets To Life

Label : Roadrunner Records | Archive under metalcore

Release type: Full-length CD

Daniël : Nowadays it has almost become a craze, blending as much genres together as possible to form a completely new genre. This leads to a scenario in which nothing is really definable. Over the last ten years metalcore has become subject of this crazy mixing activity. The Canadian band At The Skylines introduced another new sound with their debut album 'The Secrets To Life'. Deathcore, (metallic) hardcore, melodic death metal, popcore, and so on. Everything is on there.

It's ever more the case that modern bands get trapped in repetition, because they reproduce the popular music without adding their own taste to the mix. There is no good balance to be found, because the accent lays too much on one side of the music, too little alternation. Luckily, this is not the case on this cd. The vocals vary from cleans (which together with additional effects emphasize the popular side on the disc), to screams, which are usual in metalcore music, to growls which are common in death metal, but also in melodic metalcore which has been distracted from metallic hardcore and melodic death metal. Practitioners of this style are Undawn and Forever Orion. The cleans and calmer segments of the tracks could remind you of All That Remains, while the screams are more in the style of We Came As Romans, who also use growls in their music. WCAR has shared the stage with At The Skylines several times before. Furthermore, some tracks, like 'Hush', contain strong breakdowns. Accompanied by growls these breakdown reach a high level of heaviness, despite of its metalcore style.

Downside are the sometimes overwhelming effects, which I still have not come to get into in modern 'popcore'. I listen to metal because of the metal, not because I want more popular radio music which the average teenage zombie seems to appreciate when they start yelling them into your ears.

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