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Elmo Karjalainen - Unintelligent Designs

Elmo Karjalainen - Unintelligent Designs

Label : Eigen beheer | Archive under heavy / power metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Ed : Big Words. You intend not to use those with the CD of 'yet another guitar god' in your hands. By the way: is it fair when such a - completely instrumental - CD is reviewed by somebody who cannot play one note straight? Most guitar albums I do certainly enjoy and also outside of a metal framing (blues/jazzrock) big men who are not afraid of a snare or two more do have my attention (B.B. King, Jaco Pastorius). Walking along the illustrious Gallery of Great Metal Guitarists, the name that sprung to mind most (but still only haphazardly) when listening to Unintelligent Designs' is that of Yngwie Malmsteen. Yet the Viking has never penned such a broad album, that is - of course also - a showcase for a great talent, but is also full of humour: a funny announcement here, unexpected stray sounds there. It all begins quietly, composed (pun intended) with 'Spark of Hope', with 'Headlight Violence' following in Malmsteen-esque shred fashion. 'Chromatic Tuna' is a more jazzy and funky piece and in 'Lovely Spam' a number of hyperspeed solos are fired onto a classic hardrock structure. We have a very varied album here, with good dynamics, that is not boring for even one second. This is stuff for guitar aficionados and indeed for all rock and metal fans with an open ear and some stamina.

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