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Dad Maria - Sequences

Dad Maria - Sequences

Label : Eigen beheer | Archive under different metal

Release type: Demo

Daniël : The German modern metal band Dad Maria are part of the Neue Deutsche Härte movement which also counts Rammstein and Oomph! within its ranks. The band has just released its demo 'Sequences', in which electronic elements are mixed with hardcore punk and metal music by use of a synthesizer.

The demo contains five songs in all of which the synthesizer has been assigned with different roles. For example, in the song 'The Mask Of Good' it got the role of what seems to be a whole different instrument, whereas in 'RTFM' it is simply used as a medium for other noises and soundtracks. They sure as hell know how to be creative. Not that many metalheads are satisfied with this new 'techno-metal' - movement others approve the new blend, and tend to look upon it as a treaty between pop and heavy metal music. It even took me a while to get into this electronic relative of metal used on this album. When I finally got the hang of it, the demo turned out to be pretty heavy, actually, and in some crazy way I started to distinguish actually rhythm in the music. Musically, the gentlemen are without doubt very talented. There are some lovely thrash-like grooves as well as some hardcore breakdowns to be discovered on this CD. All of this combined with a certain ability to program the soundtracks that are used in Dad Maria's music. The tracks are to be seen as a blend of oldschool industrial like Skinny Puppy and Pantera, the Kings of Groove. Throw some hardcore like Hatebreed or As I Lay Dying into the mix and add a big lick of electronics and that's what you've got to do to sound like Dad Maria. Quite the recipe. Another issue are the vocals. The vocalist possess great reach, fluctuating between screams and even growls to cleans that could easily come out of the mouth of a drunken hippie…

The question is whether the project and the music are to be taken seriously, but what we do know is that the band is very talented musically. Someone not used to the genre could have a hard time listening to the band and could just as well never get used to the sound. This music clearly isn't meant for everybody to like, but it's a great start within the genre!

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