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Ebola Cereal - Mapping The Unknown

Ebola Cereal - Mapping The Unknown

Label : Eigen beheer | Archive under different metal

Release type: Demo

Daniël : When I first heard of the Polish band Ebola Cereal, I immediately started linking the name to the most extreme and filthy subgenres of heavy metal. It came as a big surprise when I found out the band was to be considered alternative post-hardcore/metalcore, or 'altcore'. The band might even be considered very gentle in comparison with other hardcore/metalcore bands. Don't leave yet, as a punk fan you certainly do get something you like in this album. However, you might like the album even better if you are more into the alternative stuff, like Paramore or 30 Seconds To Mars.

Let's start by saying I'm not really impressed by the album cover. This might be the effect of the lack of a label to take care of things like that, or, let's hope it is…The CD contains four songs, in which the alternative as well as the metalcore influences are applied. The songs 'Hemispheres' and 'Canticle' both are the more gentle, alternative songs on the album. A band like the afore mentioned Paramore is perfectly comparable. The other two songs 'Sisters Suitor Is A Killer' and 'Troop Train For Amusement' are best described as being 'more punk' then the other songs. Lyrical-wise the band is really strong, which is quite an asset. Especially for someone who likes to take his music seriously and to one who gives music an important place in his life. The vocals that carry out those lyrics are typical post-hardcore ones, being very high-pitched. A Skylit Drive tends to do this in a comparable way. The instrumentals are more comparable to Green Day or Papa Roach. An example of a song where Ebola Cereal overdoes its vocals is 'Hemispheres', in which too many words are put into sections of the song. This leads to the vocals being repetitive and nagging. I don't mind listening to gentle high-pitched vocals when applied correctly and within a certain range. Well-based by good instrumentals, and a production that has only approved since the 2007 demo 'The Curse Of Kill Manjaro'. There are even some reasonable riffs put into the mix like in 'Sisters Suitor Is A Killer', which finally shows the more aggressive side of the cereal. There is one big downside on the album which is that the band lets itself get sucked into repetition, which makes it boring to listen to at times. However, there are so much great sections, in which the band shows the quality that it has. I know there is really some potential in this band that just didn't quite come out yet.

Summarizing, the instrumentals and vocals get repetitive when too much words are put into a section. Keeping the amount of text within a reasonable range could prevent the repetition. Many lines aren't bad, in case they would be used progressively and along with them the instrumentals. The track 'Canticle' is a great example for correct use of the altcore style that the band uses. Could be a real stand-out song within the genre. The qualities the band clearly possesses just haven't been brought into practice on this CD.

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