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Close To Home - Momentum

Close To Home - Momentum

Label : Razor& Tie Music | Archive under metalcore

Release type: Full-length CD

Daniël : new millennium the amount of metalcore bands has been growing substantially. The modern variation of metallic hardcore that is also known as the more populair side of heavy metal has bred another band. The metalcore band Close To Home strikes again with their third full-length 'Momentum' over the course of six years, in which the band expresses its post-hardcore and metalcore influences.

Starting with the vocals, which truly point out the bands musical direction. The alternating between high pitch cleans and screams are inspired by post-hardcore and screamo. 'Momentum' is also filled with several popular music elements. A lot of brushed clean group vocals with keyboard serenades and effects, comparable with an act like A Day To Remember, a band that also is almost defined as popular music. Once in a while the band decides it's time for a metalcore/post-hardcore breakdown, in the way that has been introduces by bands like Asking Alexandria. Every mentioned band belongs to the new wave that mixes metalcore with poplar music to what is also called 'popcore'. Unfortunately the band fails to provide enough variety in the music. An occasional breakdown accompanied by popular-like music that fills the complete track, in which repetition is the word of description. There are, however, some tracks that somewhat move the album into the right direction. One of those tracks is 'Backstabbers Need Not Apply', which is well-structured. The different musical segments are well-distinguishable. That prevents the track from being repetitive. Also 'Fake It 'Till You Make It' has a solid frame. So does 'Modern Warfare', which has its own reason for being interesting. The song has a progressive attitude to it, which makes the listening exciting.

It is a shame that so many songs are used as fillers between the tracks that do offer some alternation. More variety and maybe some more deviation from popular music; we want to hear good music, not music that is popular.

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