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Bagheera - Drift

Bagheera - Drift

Label : Eigen beheer | Archive under different metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Ype : Bagheera? Yes indeed, the leopard from Jungle Book. It took me a moment myself to think of that. It is also the name of this Swiss band. Their first album 'Drift' is a release done by themselves, but is definitely label-worthy in terms of sound and professionalism. The music itself is very hard to label. First off all, it rocks very hard, but this of course doesn't clarify what kind of band we are dealing with. I will give it a shot: Entombed, hardcore, Pantera, modern, nu-metal, Gojira, grunge, Transport League, djent, something like that? At least, the band has been able to create a coherent and listenable album from this variety of influences. The vocals remind me of those of Gojira; somewhere in-between clean and scream, and with pitch. There are also 'real' clean vocals and grunts included. Every now en then, the band surprises with the use of interesting harmonies and chord progressions. Listen to 'Rough', for example, which very much honors its name because of an interesting piece of thrash in the middle part of the song. As mentioned, the band presents itself in a quite professional way: a very well-executed product in terms of production, decent musicianship and an interesting cover already ensure a decent score, apart from the musical content. To finalize, I would add the terms 'jumpy' and 'groovy' to my already long list of keywords.

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