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Babylon Mystery Orchestra - Poinium Cherem

Babylon Mystery Orchestra - Poinium Cherem

Label : Eigen beheer | Archive under gothic metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Vera : By now the approach of Sidney Allen Johnson might be well-known: Babylon Mystery Orchestra is his musical vehicle to ventilate his protest on everything that goes wrong on this planet. In the past it resulted in five albums - read our reviews of 'Axis Of Evil' en 'The Godless, The Forsaken And The God Damned' - and 'Poinium Cherem' happens to be the sixth and maybe last effort to make the world aware of coming disasters. The Christian raised Johnson did not mince his words, as always. He quotes many politicians and scientists in the CD booklet and still does not shun to be so-called 'politically incorrect'. Also Christianity is not spared of any criticism.

As always, music itself is only a matter of secondary importance to spread the controversy, yet often truth including, lyrics. Consequently this album is only interesting when you attentively follow the lyrics. Music-wise the limited offer and repetitions start to get worn to a thread: low-tuned guitars and riffs, a muttering or preaching and proclaiming Johnson and now and then a fine guitar solo as only redeeming feature. Pure musically this weak Type O version is getting worse. Lyric-wise on the other hand… well, let us go deeper into that subject.

'Poinium Cherem' is a Hebrew title and means 'Punishment Destruction', or "you will be destroyed as God's punishment”. These words were carved on the walls of a house in Pompeii right before the devastating volcano eruption. With Pompeii, being the Las Vegas from that time, the link has been made easily for many religious people. That very aphorism on the house walls seemed to be prophetic. That's what the future has in mind with all places of evil and the whole globe. Maybe that is why this album is announced as being the last one. We always have sympathy for those who speak frankly, but gradually I have to admit that this is quite a boring record to listen to music-wise. With all respect for the genuine efforts and prowess of the protagonist.

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