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Myrah - My Deliverance

Myrah - My Deliverance

Label : Inverse Records | Archive under gothic metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Vera : When Myrah's debut album 'Six Feet Down' came out in Spring 2010, I wrote: "Hard work, talent and clockwork precision: this must lead to inking a deal with a label! To be continued…”. And here we have that continuation, indeed released by a label, Inverse Records. The Swedish band plays male gothic metal as we mainly receive from Finland. Think of bands such as Sentenced, Amorphis and Insomnium. The songs brim with melancholy and guitarist Patrik Essman has a suitable dark brown voice to create the perfect feeling and atmosphere.

Since the previous album, Myrah has played many gigs and the drummer was replaced by a girl: Natalie Duarte. The music of Myrah has developed in a natural way to a bit longer songs, giving more opportunities to insert a smooth break or intermezzo. However, this does not lead to huge changes and that is surely not necessary. 'Illusions' is a catchy start along our path of dark romanticism. The firm, sometimes greasy guitars are sublimated by soaring synthesizers in the background in songs like the energetic 'Sorrow & Tears' or the fetching 'The Light Of A New Day', while strings add a slightly symphonic touch from time to time. The heartfelt, low-pitched vocals naturally recall memories of Sisters Of Mercy or Type O'Negative, but in the meantime the scène is crowded by a new generation of bands that fish in the same pond. Think of Lacrimas Profundere or The 69 Eyes. Nothing new under the sun, yet genuinely performed and fine to give your temper a boost in the fall. The long tracks drew our special attention. 'A New Dawn' gets a doom-like timbre, due to its slower intermezzo with violins and it even has a fade out with a children's choir (not so good). 'An Angels Requiem' might be called the ballad of the album, but it is so pitch-dark that we prefer to call it a requiem indeed. The lengthy 'The Shadow' is a proper final track of an album that will surely find its way to the fans of melancholic, yet catchy gothic rock.

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