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Australasia - Sin4tr4

Australasia - Sin4tr4

Label : Golden Morning Sounds | Archive under different metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Jasper : An instrumental band named after Pelican's most famous album...that sounds like a case of plagiarism just screaming to be uncovered, right? Or should we just quote Madonna in her case against Lady Gaga and say that imitation is the highest form of flattery and leave it at that? Maybe we should first just take a listen.

Only to conclude that all the fuss was premature because this Italian duo has just little in common with their American idol. The listener is served seven songs full of strong riffs, soundbites, and recognizable moments that make for a pleasant listening experience. Musically the band sure does mine the postrock well (high guitars, mid-tempo drums, xylophone), but more often it tries to escape that mold. Especially the heavier bits with blast-beats and near-black metal riffs stand out. Alcest is a name that pops up. The synths and beats that are used later on are a lot more difficult to place yet in some way they fit seemlessly into the whole. With 'Sin4tr4' Australasia therefore easily passes the copy-cat test, and they prove that inspiration does not always have to lead to imitation. More importantly, it is a nice introduction to a promising new instru-metal band.

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