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Synful Ira - Between Hope And Fear

Synful Ira - Between Hope And Fear

Label : Logic(il)logic | Archive under gothic metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Melanie : Before Synful Ira got their official name, they were active as a cover band of Nightwish and Evanescence. Drummer Marco is also active in Absynth Aura, whose album I reviewed last year (you can read that review at this location). In 2010, however, they stopped covering and released their own demo consisting five tracks. The following year, they teamed up, sat down and started writing new material. The first album, 'Between Hope and Fear', seems to be one great story, but I fail to understand what it is about.

They did, however, succeed in making this an interesting record. They did their very best to use as many styles, techniques and instruments as possible in their process, and the greater part is very well done, and tastes like more. I do, however, think little of Letizia's voice. It seems too weak for this robust and fairly strong music. When they release a second album, I do hope she trained her voice to sound more powerful, and less monotonous. Actually, this record basically holds everything a gothic metal fan dreams of. Lots of songs, lots of variety, a mix between gothic, blast beats, trance, choral pieces, power metal and a bit of symphonic rock. For a couple of newcomers, who have not been together for very long, and do not have years of experience, I find them quite convincing. The energy of this powerful play comes across quite nice, and I wonder what they have to bring in, next timeā€¦

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