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Undercroft - Ruins Of Gomorrah

Undercroft - Ruins Of Gomorrah

Label : Season Of Mist | Archive under speed / thrash metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Richard G. : Good news everyone! At least for those of you who still did not get over max Cavalera's departure from his most interesting musical endeavour ever. Undercroft have found their way out from the Chilean underground via Season Of Mist and are now your new surrogate for Sepultura. 'New' might be a slightly misplaced term, though, since they have been active since 1993 already. And come to think of it, they migrated to Europe over ten years ago, so the Chilean underground is a slight misnomer as well.

Anyway, the music on their sixth full-length effort 'Ruins Of Gomorrah' still is very reminiscent of that the biggest South American metal band of all time. Especially in the two Spanish contributions, that veer dangerously close to 'Roots' territory when indigenous elements are used in the sound. Only sparingly a song does not fit the picture of an old-school death/thrash ramblings with that typical Latin swing to it. The title song, for example, seems to be inspired on the more epic moments of 80s speed metal.

Despite its simplicity the material is not per se bad. However, at the same time none of the songs actually manage to make some kind of impact. In my opinion too much has happened since 1996, the year that Max left and when Sepultura was still at the top of their downwards spiral, in order to stir something up with this sound. The biggest reaction that Undercroft's music provokes is an enormous lingering to play 'Arise', or even 'Chaos A.D.' or 'Roots'.

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