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Trollfest - Brumblebassen

Trollfest - Brumblebassen

Label : NoiseArt Records | Archive under pagan / folk metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Martin : I hate booze infused folk metal, but for 'True Norwegian Balkan Metal' specialists Trollfest I am always happy to make an exception. On this fifth album they basically continue in the same vein as predecessor 'En Kvest For Den Hellige Gral', blending a bizarre cocktail of fast paced black metal, booze and Balkan folk, but significant improvements in songwriting and production, as well as a few exceptionally weird intermezzos make 'Brumblebassen' even more enjoyable.

Of course Trollfest's infamous concept (about Trolls; who would have guessed?) is still as omnipresent as it is utterly incomprehensible due to the Trolls' ingenious mixture of German and Norwegian. For the first time in their history, though, Trollfest switch to a human language, i.e. English, for the remarkably radio friendly 'Sellout', a song about Trolls… selling out featuring a very catchy refrain sung by Tristania's Mariangela. The rest of the album is substantially more relentless though. The title track and instant favourite 'Illsint' are among the fastest ever recorded by the band and 'Brumblebassen' is filled to the brim with great riffs and rhythms. Moreover, 'Trinken Troll' effectively captures this band's essence in merely two words.

For a bunch of self-proclaimed drunks Trollfest are astoundingly apt. 'Brumblebassen' really is tighter than a gnat-troll's arse; everything seems to gel on this album, which sounds remarkable powerful for a (once again) self-produced affair. Even Trollmannen's vocals, which could be a bit too much in the past, work really well this time. Trollfest have always been a lot better than many of their peers, not only being genuinely funny but also truly capable, but this time they have just outdone themselves. Only drunk is real!

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