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Gehtika -  Unconventional Manicism

Gehtika - Unconventional Manicism

Label : Rising Records | Archive under metalcore

Release type: Full-length CD

Tim : 'Unconventional Manicism' begins with an easy jazz intro, you know, a kind of Sunday afternoon music at home with the grandparents. After one minute there is a less smooth transition to a dark voice, a sharp guitar and a heavy drum. It's show time and you will hear a lot of different riffs, this gives the CD a more metal feel to it, but I clearly hear hints towards metalcore. The singer has a creaky voice what I kinda dig, but after a while it starts to annoy me. It would have liked it better if they had two voices, so they could put the creaky voice more to the back that could really lift the sound. Now this voice yearns for your attention, like an obtrusive child that keeps waving in front of your face. It is cute in the beginning but after a few songs it becomes quite irritating. The track 'Lost Thoughts' has a great intro and brings back memories of System Of A Down and 'I Confess' has a Korn like piece in it. Especially the construction of 'I Confess' and the closer 'Fear Within' sounds great. The final song is almost a resume of the whole CD. The rest is mainly bashing at full speed with an occasional metalcore break.

'Unconventional Manicism' is dark, fast en rough. The combination of black metal, thrash metal en metalcore makes the album far from boring. For the fans who only care for one of the specific genres however it can be disappointing because it will not apply to what you like so much. But listeners not bounded by tunnel vision should check this sucker out.

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