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The Chant - A Healing Place

The Chant - A Healing Place

Label : Lifeforce Records | Archive under alternative / pop

Release type: Full-length CD

Richard G. : The Chant is a band that could potentially appeal to a large group of melancholic music fans. Without directly resembling any of the next groups, the music on their Life Force debut 'A Healing Place' shares characteristics with late Katatonia, Anathema's 'A Fine Day To Exit' album and the softer songs by Cult Of Luna. The material drags you over solemn slow and mid tempos and sad guitar plucking while Ilpo Paasela sets the tone with his somber, melancholic voice.

The songs do not clock in exceptionally long (between four and eight minutes), but they often feel much longer. The main reason is that The Chant do not change gears very often during their songs. The tempo, the atmosphere, the vocal intensity: they all remain more or less on the same level. Slowly the band regularly tries to build towards some kind of climaxes, but often the wait is just a tad too long. When the climax is there, then it is often also stretched a bit too long to my taste. Too often I get the feeling that the music is trudging along rather anonymously. If The Chant can work on these issues, then for sure we are dealing with a new supergroup in the genre.

I gave 'A Healing Place' numerous tries, mainly because I know that the band's sound lies somewhere at the exact crossroads of all my favorite doomy/melancholic bands. For now it does not click with me yet, but this does not have to be the same for you. Please give these Fins a listen and hear for yourself, they might just be your next favorite band.

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