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The Catalyst - Voyager

The Catalyst - Voyager

Label : Forcefield Records | Archive under different metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Jasper : According their Facebook page The Catalyst is mainly interested in tying things to trees in order to proceed beating it with snow shovels. Right...and that is exactly what they sound like!

Similar to the last album of the band we reviewed here 'Mariana's Trench', 'Voyager' has some awesome drawn artwork that adds to the self-mindedness of this release. Luckily this time they recorded it a lot better so we can finally fully decipher what The Catalyst really sounds like. I can hear a singer that should be confined to a straightjacket together with Daughter's singer Alexis Marshall. On 'Voyager' he is accompanied by an even more rabid band that has welded beating shit with shovels to a genuine art form. Bands like Cursed, Daughters, Akimbo, and Today Is The Day shoot through my mind while all other thoughts are professionally being ground into a pulp in forty seething minutes. This is broken-backed, fucked up noise rock, that shit that especially agitates parents worldwide. The Catalyst eats that negativity up with foaming mouths while they pound your auricles into a miserable porridge.

Oh yeah I forgot; while beating you with snow shovels the band simultaneously treats you to a real life concept album about space/time travel. Which is something you would like after listening: travel back into time when your ears were still functioning. Does this band really only consist of psychopath freaks then? No, on closing track 'Voyager' we can hear that the human part of singer Eric Smith can actually sing too. However, before we really enter Cave In territory the track gets righteously molested the way it should. That's probably just so we cannot say The Catalyst left anything unbroken when they stopped by these parts.

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