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The Amenta - Chokehold

The Amenta - Chokehold

Label : Listenable | Archive under industrial / ebm

Release type: Mini-CD

Richard G. : At the start of 2013 finally the time will have come. The Australian industrial metal innovators of The Amenta will unleash their third full length, entitled 'Flesh Is Heir'. Their last effor 'N0N' is with its crushingly complex layering of music still one of my personal favourites. It should not come as a surprise then that expectations are high for what's to come.

In the meantime the band is keeping interest warm with the inbetweener 'Chokehold, a digital only EP released through Listenable Records. Next to two decent live renditions of 'Sekem' and 'Vermin', a remix of 'Vo1d' and a strong cover version of the suffocating Godflesh classic 'Christbait Rising', the title song 'Chokehold' is the only real new stuff that The Amenta is presenting to us. In four and a half minutes the track creeps forward along a slow, distorted beat with venomous vocal injections, drowned in electronics, eerie sneering samples and other computronic touches. To my rotten lugholes it all sounds like a logical next experimental step and the anticipation for 'Flesh Is Heir' is only getting bigger.

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