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Skinner - The Enemy Within

Skinner - The Enemy Within

Label : Eigen beheer | Archive under speed / thrash metal

Release type: Demo

Ed : A great, groovy retro intro to the song 'Sleepwalkers', Skinner make it clear they mean business.
Their business is Bay Area metal, apparently at the moment they are one of the hottest unsigned bands over there. Judging from this first demo, I can readily imagine that. Hot they certainly are
on this five-shooter, of which every track is a thrash grenade that has the same impact as when Forbidden fired their best, back in the eighties. Norman Skinner is a gifted thrash vocalist (he makes me think somewhat of Tim Aymar (Control Denied) and the rhythm section provides for a solid
moshpit for every song. At least one of the three (!) guitarists must be a big fan of Marty Friedman. There's a hint of 'good old' Megadeth in the more melodic guitar parts. At this moment Skinner are working on their debut full-length 'Sleepwalkers' and until that arrives we can content ourselves with the excellent taster 'The Enemy Within'. This goes for everyone who is into Bay Area metal and melodic speed and thrash. Let's hope that a strong label picks them up and that they will be able to release their stuff on a decent slab of vinyl as well.

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