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Over Your Threshold - Facticity

Over Your Threshold - Facticity

Label : Metal Blade | Archive under death metal / grindcore

Release type: Full-length CD

Richard G. : If I say that Germany is one big pool for technical death metal, this should not come as a surprise. The international respect gained by genre greats Necrophagist and Obscura can only be inspiring for the underground. The next group of talented youngsters which we have the pleasure to meet is the Munich based Over Your Threshold. Via Metal Blade they got the chance to release their debut record 'Facticity' and what a remarkably mature release this is.

The best of, say, 25 years of death metal passes by in nine excellent compositions. A song like 'Contextual' displays the jazzy sensibilities that made Cynic's 'Focus' the timeless classic it is, while 'Desolation Row' could have easily been featured on Death's 'Symbolic'. In the mean team it's raining catchy, classic heavy metal solos, the kind that you just have to vocalize out loud in a live situation. Just like Obscura's 'Cosmogenesis', 'Facticity' is one big ode to intelligent death metal, the biggest difference being the higher dose of more straight forward death metal parts where the main point is to bang your head to a pounding mid tempo instead of some flashy technical stuff or hyperblasts. There is only one ugly detail that constitutes a small blemish on an otherwise excellent album and that is the slightly annoying mix of the cymbals and crashes that sound shrill and muted at the same time in the faster parts.

Please do not get scared away by the name dropping. Even though Over The Threshold do not reinvent the extreme death metal wheel, they most certainly have developed their own compositional style and they are a worthy addition to the tech death canon.

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