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Doomed - The Ancient Path

Doomed - The Ancient Path

Label : Eigen beheer | Archive under doom metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Pim B. : Doomed is a new German band, so it's not that Autopsy's Chris Reifert is active again with his project.
This is the project of multi-instrumentalist Pierre Laube from Zwickau. He recorded seven songs of which he released six on this album. The seventh songs is a cover of Type O Negative's 'Wolf Moon' and Pierre wants to make sure there are no problems with the copyrights before he releases that track. Well, covers are cool but it's more interesting to hear original tracks. This is heavy doom/death that reminds of a band like Mournful Congregation. The vocals in the album opener 'Sun Eater' remind of Bolt Thrower's 'World Eater' and that band keeps popping up too when I listen to Doomed. You can detect the heaviness of Bolt Thrower and the grunts of Karl Willets. This album pounds its way into your system; it's heavy and crude but with enough cool melodies to keep your attention. Fans of doom/death metal and funeral doom should listen to this as it is worth it.

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