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Dogbane - Residual Alcatraz

Dogbane - Residual Alcatraz

Label : Heaven & Hell Records | Archive under heavy / power metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Pim B. : Looking at the band pictures you can see these guys are no beginners. Yet Dogbane is a new band consisting of some old guys. You can hear that in the music as well. It's classic heavy metal with some doom metal vibes. The band from North Carolina is influenced by big acts like Black Sabbath, Trouble and Priest and it all sounds okay. On the other hand it is all very predictable and there are no surprises at all. Maybe the long song 'Burning The Light' stands out as this reminds of Bathory during their 'Hammerheart' period. Vocalist Jeff Neal even sounds as instable as Quorthon. On the other songs he reminds of a mix of Geoff Tate and James Rivera. 'Residual Alcatraz' is an okay album but that's basically it.

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