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Barren Womb / Forræderi - Split

Barren Womb / Forræderi - Split

Label : | Archive under death metal / grindcore

Release type: Split cd

Koen B. : This is a limited to 300 numbered copies split seven inch EP with the Norwegian bands Barren Womb and Forræderi that recently saw the light of day through D-Beat Hjerte Records / The Perfect Hoax. How underground do you like your death /grind / hardcore / punk / crust? If you like your underground very much underground, this split EP is the perfect buy (or gift) for you. Both bands do what they love and I guess we're pretty fortunate to have them in an epoch of backstabbers, posers and pretenders. This kind of music remind me of the bands that played crust when the expression crust still had to be invented, like Concrete Sox or Heresy. Of course Barren Womb and Forræderi aren't that progressive as aforementioned bands where way back then, but they for sure deliver the goods! If you like your underground not so much underground, stay away from this release!

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