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Bad Poetry Band - The One Way Romance

Bad Poetry Band - The One Way Romance

Label : Pure Steel Records | Archive under punk / hardcore

Release type: Full-length CD

Cor : This one is straight forward pedal to the metal, as well as full of melody, and hails from Sweden (of course). Musically this could be described as Millencolin meets the later Hellacopters, which could be most promising. Some catchy seventies (glam)rock riffs, combined with choruses sounding like grunge versions of the Beach Boys, and (solo) guitars blasting their way in as if they were played by Nicke and Strings themselves. You might conclude this being a bunch of guys who sure know how to handle their instruments, know how to write catchy songs, and are capable to perform them. Is there no single point of criticism? Well actually I can just appreciate this album very much, but when I have to say something about it, it would be an advice to put the vocals less on top of the production next time, together with a slightly less polished overall sound. All in all this can only be called a very well succeeded release (and something I always have to mention: available on vinyl also!). Probably this production has a bigger chance to reach the larger audience, but I personally have an urge to find the former (slightly rougher produced) 'Until Closingtime Do Us Part', because I have the feeling I have "discovered” another band for my personal collection.

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