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Antigama - Stop The Chaos

Antigama - Stop The Chaos

Label : SelfMadeGod Records | Archive under death metal / grindcore

Release type: Mini-CD

Erik : 'Stop the Chaos' is the newest EP of our Polish grindcore freaks Antigama. The Polish dudes yet again serve out a couple of very strong grindcore songs that seem to grow every time I hear new material by them. In production, in songwriting and in getting you into the swing mood by being as insane as they are is something that will make your spine shiver. If I were to compare this to 'Warning', their last CD unleashed in 2009, this is even more awesome and makes me hungry for more in a jiffy!
The fifteen minute CD, the only way grindcore should be recorded by some, shows a band that combines classic grind with grind of nowadays with overtuned riffing, surprising echo singing and short burst of (drum) aggression. Antigama is the proof that is you are stubborn enough it just takes a couple of songs to grow immensely.

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