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Zenith Reunion - Utopia

Zenith Reunion - Utopia

Label : Violent Journey Records | Archive under hardrock / aor

Release type: Full-length CD

Bart D. : Zenith Reunion from Finland have their roots in the early nineties, then known as Zenith. And this is audible in their music: not only are the songs flavoured with typical hard rock grooviness and melodic flexibility, the musicians are clearly very experienced and matured in playing their instruments. The guitar shredding is incredibly tasty, and while it shows the talent of the players, it never sounds like showing off: it's simply too good and energetic, too musical! All those squeezed tones give a very lively and airy edge to the heavy riffing. The drums also sound really good: chops aplenty but groovy as hell, and perfectly balanced in the mix. De rhythm section as a whole reminds me of the good stuff of Winger: super-solid but never boring. The low mezzo-soprano vocals (hehe) are very powerful and smooth in a non-slick way. The vocal harmonies with the other band members are also super-catchy and utterly beautiful. The song material is very cohesive, making it sound very compact and catchy even when a song clocks in at seven minutes or when there are quite some progressive twists. Needless to say: you need to hear this piece of quality music, as it will be something you'll put on again and again when it is in your collection. No need to spend more words on it, just enjoy this music as it is.

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