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Zardens - Breeding The Dark

Zardens - Breeding The Dark

Label : Ultimhate Records | Archive under black metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Sicktus : Zardens hail from Belgium, are in existence since 2008 and compare themselves in their bio with (amonst others) Dissection. Well. One problem: that level of songwriting (I choose to 'forget' the post-prison-period of mister Nödtveidt) is seldom reached and Zardens is no exception. It is true though that the music of this duo (complemented by a session drummer) is pretty heavily influenced by Dissection (mainly 'Somberlain') and there is probably some early Dawn ('Nar Solen Gar Niber For Evogher') to be heard, or some flurries of Necrophobic. Oh well, you get the principle, Swedish black/death from the mid nineties is where creative duo Warnacht (guitar, bass) and Pascal Moraux (vocals, guitar, bass, keys) get their ideas.

Strong are the guitar sound, the balance between melody and power and the vocals by Moraux are worth mentioning as well! Points are deducted for the fact that the more epic empowered bits sound somewhat forced and are borrowing too much from the named examples and the melody lines are sometimes dissonant in a way that I can hardly imagine they were meant to be. The album - which has a strong first half - also contains too many fillers with songs as 'The Nightspirit'. An ample forty-five minutes of pretty solid Scandinavian black/death from the mid nineties is what is on offer here and I must admit, Zarden deliver it quite nicely. Just try to develop your own sound a little more on the next effort...

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