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Wretched - Son Of Perdition

Wretched - Son Of Perdition

Label : Victory Records | Archive under death metal / grindcore

Release type: Full-length CD

Ype : 'Son Of Perdition' can best be described as modern, extreme, American metal. A significant dose of The Black Dahlia Murder is present in the sound, while the melodic guitarwork is obviously based on more traditional metal. Also, the modern deathcore-movement has had its influence on Wretched, which resulted in a few breakdowns. And in the modern (djent-) tradition, the band has put some complex rhythmic patterns in the mix. With most of the bands in this subgenre I experience their music as consisting of fragments instead of songs with head an tail, but Wretched has succeeded to give their tracks identity. 'Karma Accomplished', for example, is based on a rhythmic pattern that is supported by intense use of the toms. In the exciting triptych 'The Stellar Sunset Of Evolution', the guitarists play neoclassical melodies in a clean guitarsound. The piece as a whole remains instrumental. These, and other specific 'specials' make the album dynamic and contribute to the listening pleasure.

As a whole, 'Son Of Perdition' is a typical product of the modern age in metal, therefore I think the band will achieve some success. In contradiction to a lot of other bands in this genre, the band has had the consciousness to write songs and produce a balanced and listenable album, instead of a suffocating, over-technical, inimitable piece of noise. Practically no innovation, but a lot of quality.

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