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Label : Metal Mind Productions | Archive under fusion / jazz

Release type: Full-length CD

Bart D. : SBB are Polish jazz/prog giants. Their new album, simply entitled 'SBB' because it showcases a fresh approach while also touching on the long history of the band, is wholly created by the two core members and multi-instrumentalists Józef Skrzek and Apostolis Anthimos. The music is overwhelmingly atmospheric and mainly in a relaxed tempo, with some exceptions where the band sounds like the Dixie Dregs without excessively showing off their skills. Yet one can clearly hear how skilled these two musicians are in crafting great music that wanders somewhere between progressive rock and jazz/fusion, with touches of diverse other influences. It is a shame that all verbal communication in and on the record is in Polish, yet it doesn't hurt the music itself too much: lyrics are sparse, even where vocals (which are one of a kind and beautifully so) are used.

This album is a treat and shouldn't be confined to language borders: it's world class music. There is nothing truly or at least in-your-face ground-breaking happening, just splendid and interesting music created with a lot of care and inspiration. I can also recommend it to lovers of psychedelic or stoner rock who would like to try something else for a change: a great ride is guaranteed.

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