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Accept - Stalingrad

Accept - Stalingrad

Label : Nuclear Blast | Archive under heavy / power metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Nima : Back in 2009 when the legendary Accept announced to be recording a new studio album for the first time since 1996, and even without head figure Udo Dirkschneider, me, and many with me, had some serious doubts. But with 'Blood Of The Nations' the German metal brigade under guitarist Wolf Hoffmann's command proved to still have it in them! A suitable new vocalist was found in ex-TT Quick's Mark Tornillo, delivered a traditional heavy metal album that reminded of the glory days, and the band was immediately back on top.

Two years later the follow-up is already a fact. If you, like myself, though 'Blood Of The Nations' was a good album, then you'll be amazed with the newborn, because with 'Stalingrad' they have exceeded all my expectations! My god, from the very first second of the strong opening track, 'Hung Drawn And Quartered', it's one big metal festivity and the music invites me to start training the cervical muscles for the next fifty minutes. This record is on all matters the superlative degree of its predecessor. The band even sounds more like Accept than on 'Blood Of The Nation'. Especially Tornillo seems to have found his drive within the band much better and his performance is much stronger, more sincere and more convincing. Also the songs have come out stronger this time. Whether we're dealing with sturdy pounders like 'Hellfire', 'Against The World' (which is also one of my personal favourites on the album) and the aforementioned opening track, speedy headbangers like 'Flash To Bang Time', 'Revolution' and 'The Quick And The Dead', the epic title track or the beautiful, a bit more melodic and more sensitive 'Shadow Soldiers', the songs stand their ground from start to finish. The riffs and solos are simply delicious and make it impossible for you to sit still. The vocal lines are very strong, and the chorus catchy and immediately invite you to sing along. And finally, unlike its predecessor, the album's playing time of fifty minutes is exactly long enough to keep the album powerful.

So in conclusion; with this album Wolf and his companions have proved even harder that they're back to stay, and that the fire still burns strong. And that, my friends, is a very comforting idea. Accept fans and fans of traditional heavy shouldn't worry and purchase this album immediately. This is HEAVY METAL!

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