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Nabaath - Central-A-Triangle

Nabaath - Central-A-Triangle

Label : | Archive under black metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Neithan : A band probably unknown to you is Russian Nabaath. Although, Russian? The guitarist is from Ukrain, and thanks to that fellow I obtained this masterpiece. The album, with the somewhat peculiar title 'Central-A-Triangle' is the second full length by this band and lovers of overwhelming massive black metal in the Swedish style that do enjoy elements of massive death metal added to that style and who do care about the musical skills (serving the songs, that must be said) really should check this out straight away.

'Blastbirth Of The Universe' is a very adequate title and opens with a ferocious blast that I hardly have ever heard since the 'Panzer Division Marduk' album, and straight away you have one name that you can compare Nabaath to, even though Nabaath is far more technically orientated. So you can say that Nabaath gives their own turn to the overwhelming massive Swedish black metal style, for instance by building in a massive and deadly break in the middle of this song, and when the paste is back to insane speed, they add a good old fashioned guitar solo to it. That max of massive overwhelming blastbeating metal combined with ultra heavy breaks is continued in the following 'War Blasphemy' and beyond. Nevertheless, the band manages to avoid a boring bliss with too much technique and breaks. Apart from two songs ('Detonation 1961' and ┬┤Doom to the Darkness┬┤) which are just as merciless as the other tracks) the songs last around four minutes or less which ensures that the paste is maintained. The music might be a bit less nihilist than the referred Swedsih black metal bands, but it is more massive towards death metal (like Norwegian Ragnarok, also a band with massive and technically skilled songs) which makes this album very advisable to fans of massive black metal with death metal influences without being too much old school. Nabaath knows about old school metal traditions nevertheless: in 'Nabat (Over The Ladoga Mist)' they have a menacing instrumental intermezzo which leads to the furious 'The Center'. Merciless massive black/death metal, I think that is a good description of Nabaath's music on this album.

Believe me, lesser bands from the U.S.A. and Western Europe (including Sweden!) are being signed by renowned labels! Strong songs, with plenty (yet not too much) of variation and a drive that cannot be denied, that is how this style is supposed to sound. Nabaath: if you like overwhelming merciless modern black/death metal, that is a name to keep in mind!

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