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Epica - Requiem For The Indifferent

Epica - Requiem For The Indifferent

Label : Nuclear Blast | Archive under gothic metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Sjak : Already during the first listen on December 17th of 2011 at the Jansen residence in Reuver, Limburg, the new Epica album left quite a good impression on me and that positive impression is only reinforced during the many listens that I gave the album afterwards. 'Requiem For The Indifferent' proves to be an album that grows on you, revealing a bit more of its secrets every time that you listen to it and therefore becoming more interesting after each listen. The varied compositions are of a very high quality level and both instrumentally as well as vocally it's very enjoyable from the start (traditionally a bombastic intro entitled 'Karma') until the very end (the great closing track 'Serenade Of Self-Destruction').

After the already mentioned intro the first highlight of the album is introduced, being the awesome 'Monopoly On Truth', in which all aspects of the beautiful music are showcased. The big choruses, the fantastic interchange between the angel-like vocals parts of the still improving Simone Simons and the lovely grunts of guitar player Mark Jansen, the great interaction between the subtle keyboard parts of Coen Janssen and the guitar wall of the guitar duo Mark Jansen/Isaac Delahaye are all aspects which the fans of symphonic and progressive influenced quality music just can't ignore. The catchy 'Storm The Sorrow' proves to be the right single choice, because the beautiful chorus is really stuck in your skull after a few listens. The ballad-like 'Delirium' gives you an opportunity to catch a breath, because with the complex highlights 'Internal Warfare' and the Eastern influenced title track 'Requiem For The Indifferent' they kick your ass again. After this violence Coen Janssen gets the opportunity to showcase his talents by means of the short instrumental 'Anima', a very welcomed resting point halfway this masterpiece. Also the second half of this more than seventy three minutes long album contains nothing but highlights. That already starts with the cumbersome 'Guilty Demeanor', but also the following tracks 'Deep Water Horizon', 'Stay The Course', the heavy 'Deter The Tyrant, 'Avalanche and the heavy closing song 'Serenade Of Self-Destruction' and truly fantastic songs of maybe the best band that our small country has to offer at the moment.

Of course that's a matter of personal taste and that's debatable, but what's crystal-clear is that Epica has delivered a truly awesome record with this 'Requiem For The Indifferent'. Therefore I would advise everyone to run to your local record store on March 9th to add this masterpiece to your personal collection. At first I had my doubts whether they would be capable of equaling the exceptional high level of 'Design Your Universe', but these doubts have been fully taken away by this 'Requiem For The Indifferent' album….

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