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Memento Waltz - Antithesis Of Time

Memento Waltz - Antithesis Of Time

Label : Eigen beheer | Archive under prog / sympho metal

Release type: Demo

Richard G. : The importance of having a band member who knows his or her way around the internet is once again underlined by the story of Memento Waltz. This talented bunch from Italy self-recorded their promo EP 'Antithesis Of Time' already in 2010. This gained them a spot on the European leg of the renowned ProgPower festival (props to the organization for picking up on them!). But the only internet presence of the band is an outdated MySpace page (a medium that is hardly valued these days anyway). Where is the bandcamp page, soundcloud presence or even an official website to make this band more visible and findable?

Musically the band brings a sturdy brand of prog on the table that is reminiscent of the heftier work by Dream Theater. However, Memento Waltz infuse their compositions with a lot of jazzy elements, a seemingly free creative role for the bass player and lots of exciting excursions into a number of other styles. The compositions take surprising turns but always make sense and never is the technical aspect accentuated too much. The show is stolen by vocalist Marco Piu (for once an Italian singer with a decent English accent!) whose sound is the perfect mix between James LaBrie (Dream Theater), Warrel Dane (ex-Nevermore) and the raw edge of Rob Halford (Judas Priest). I hope the band either gets picked up soon or that they become computer literate, because these guys deserve to be heard!

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