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Lelahell - Al Intihar

Lelahell - Al Intihar

Label : Eigen beheer | Archive under death metal / grindcore

Release type: Demo

Sicktus : Lelahell hails from northern Algeria and play brutal death metal, into which the trio blend melodies from traditional Algerian music. The frontman of the band - guitarist/vocalist Lelahal, born Redouane Aouameur - might be known to some of you because of his former band, Litham. Although starting out as a one man project, Lelahell now has a complete line-up and the trio have self-released their first EP recently, called 'Al Intihar' (which means 'suicide'). This EP contains six tracks on which band boss Lelahel and his companions pick freely from what the metal scene has to offer. Death, a hint of prog, some grind, a bit of black (if only for the great cover version of Mayhem's 'Freezing Moon': it is all there on 'Al Intihar'. Two elements are present throughout though: a dose of bombast and the influences from traditional music on both guitars and drums. Is Lelahell perhaps an Algerian Melechesh then? No. First, Lelahell is mainly a death metal band. Second: 'Al Intihar' still sounds rather raw and unpolished. Yet the potential is there! If any label is interested, they would do well to contact Lelahell: the lads are bristling with ambition and working hard on their debut full-length.

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