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Into Eternity - Fukushima

Into Eternity - Fukushima

Label : Eigen beheer | Archive under death metal / grindcore

Release type: CD single

Patrick : It's been too quiet for too long when it comes to the Canadian act Into Eternity. Their most recent album 'The Incurable Tragedy' dates back from 2008. On the 25th of July 2011 the band gave a sign of life with the release of the single 'Sandstorm' and now another sign of lice was marked with the release of the (digital) single 'Fukushima'.

I feel lucky though that there is still life in the band for in recent years a lot has changed in the line-up. Vocalist Stu Block has joined Iced Earth, and although the official story tells us he has not left Into Eternity, it is obvious that his main focus is with iced earth and not with Into Eternity. Block will continue to do the vocals in the studio and the band has found in Amanda Keirnan (The Order Of Chaos) a vocalist who will handle the live duties. Whether and how that works out practically, remains to be seen. And if that was not enough: there is a new face to bee seen behind the drum kit: Bryan Newbury replaced Steve Bolognese.

The changes within the band are not apparent on 'Fukushima'. Tim Roth has written the track following the meltdowns and nuclear disaster in the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant (Japan), as a result of the earthquake and subsequent tsunami of 11 March 2011. Lyrically it's all about the struggle of the Japanese people and the ability to overcome the tragedy. Musically you get all the classic elements at 'Fukushima' which you are used of by Into Eternity: constant tempo changes, the thrash riffs, the tremendous pace on the drums, the blast beats, the death metal growls (sung by Rob Doherty; Final Darkness, ex -Into Eternity) and the pure power metal-like vocals. Compared with the previous material Roth seems to wretch amok on the strings even sharper and the drumming is extremely tight. It makes 'Fukushima' to a musical gem.

If everything goes as planned, Into Eternity will come up with a new album later this year. Needless to say that I eagerly look forward to it ... till that time this is a more than pleasant tidbit. You want to get an impression? Visit the band camp site of the band, listen to the song ... and that one US dollar (for the digital version of the song and a book, albeit as a PDF file) is easily spent then.

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