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Headless Beast - Forced To Kill

Headless Beast - Forced To Kill

Label : Eigen beheer | Archive under heavy / power metal

Release type: Full-length CD

MoL : 'Forced To Kill' is the debut album from German band Headless Beast. All in all it took eleven years from formation to this debut. Better late then never. What immediately springs to mind is the clear production. This way the traditional heavy metal of this German quartet comes to full right. The riffs by founder Ingo Neuber sound full, the rhythm section is there with a galloping fundament on which especially the bass tricks by Swen Kuhlang are an advantage. Singer J├╝rgen Witzler is not the best singer, but despite his limitations, he easily keeps up with the rest of the band.

The quality is in good hands with these men from Ulm. The album is set up according to the standards. A fast track, a slower track and the mandatory power ballad. The band still needs to work on a sound that is more of their own. The rhythm of 'Burning Cross' reminds us of Annihilators 'Maximum Satan' for instance. Also lyrics as 'Riding with the deadman, we're sitting in his car' which are being repeated a couple of times does not look like we are dealing with great poets here. That is a shame, because the quality of the music makes it clear that this band is capable of more than they show us here. With 'Forced To Kill' the band gets a good enough score, especially because of tracks like 'Maniac', 'Mortal Fear' and 'Evil Rules'. But if the band can show more quality by creating a sound of their own, I predict a higher score for the follow-up, which I hope is going to be there in the future.

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