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Erase - May I Sin

Erase - May I Sin

Label : | Archive under different metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Ali : Imagine genres as rock, deathcore, metalcore and pop thrown into a blender and poured into one album. Erase, a band that has been born in 2008 in Italy, has been trying to mix different kind of genres to produce their own sound. After releasing their first EP in 2009, they've decided to release their first full-length album 'May I Sin?' in 2011. I can only support the idea of creating an own sound, so let's see what Erase has us to offer.

After listening to the album, the following question will bother you: "Just to which bands have I been listening?”. Almost all the tracks contain parts that sound just like parts from other known bands. The problem is that you can't exactly tell which one. Also the fact that metalcore and deathcore are mentioned as the genres that have been thrown into the mix, is something to be discussed. Normal singing and the screaming alternate each other in good proportion, but it's just not hard enough. This counts for the singing and for the instrumentation. The tracks their selves sound okay. This album won't blow you away and neither will it be a big disappointment. Good examples of this are these two songs. "My Mirror' is a track that belongs to one of the better ones on this album. A nice tempo, combined with a good growl, clean singing and catchy, yet known, riffs result into a solid song. 'Demons', on the other hand, is a mainly clean song; until the song is ruined by adding growls somewhere midway. This ruins the whole song, which should've stayed clean the whole way.

'May I Sin?' is a pretty simple album that certainly won't win the best newcomer of the year awards. The tracks are too simple and Erase should rethink their approach of producing their own sound. It's important that everything fits and stick together in a proper way. This album has some good parts, but also parts that ruin a lot for this album. In my opinion, Erase can perform better, if they stick to just one genre and specialize in it. Maybe something like Static X? We'll see.

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