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Unbounded Terror - Nest Of Affliction

Unbounded Terror - Nest Of Affliction

Label : Xtreem Music | Archive under death metal / grindcore

Release type: Re-release

Pim B. : 'Nest Of Affliction' is the sole album that Unbounded Terror, from Mallorca, Spain, ever recorded. Originally released in 1992 on Drowned Records that was run by Avulsed's Dave Rotten. Rotten now is the thriving force behind Xtreem Music and through this label he quite often releases older albums. Next to 'Nest Of Affliction' you also find all three demos of the band as well as a live version of an unreleased track. It's also one of the first death metal albums that ever came out of Spain, by the way. Musically this is death metal you heard quite often in the early 90s and on which you hear a definite influence of the Florida bands. In 1992 this couldn't be counted as top of the league and I don't expect a lot of people will get excited knowing this album is re-released. Nice for those who collect everything or those into the old sound.

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