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Seven Daily Sins - Say Yes To Discomfort

Seven Daily Sins - Say Yes To Discomfort

Label : Soulflesh Collector | Archive under death metal / grindcore

Release type: Full-length CD

Berto : Dedication is the key word for Seven Daily Sins. After having released an EP and a demo, one of the band members moved to Europe to get a better job in order to be able to afford a better studio. The title of the result of all this dedication is 'Say Yes To Discomfort' and the title refers to the difficulties to be overcome in the making of the record. And the title is also a warning to the listener because it is certainly not an easy listen, the technical death metal by these men from Minsk, White-Russia.

For references look for Decapitated and Psycroptic, which means a lot of difficult guitar bits and ditto drum work but fortunately it is not so technical that it results in an unclear mash of sound. Each song is carefully crafted with clear marking points where they return during the song. What the band uses to separate them from the rest of the technical bands in this genre, is the use of some jazzy parts. Not a lot, but a small part here and there to stop the continuous banging of heads after which they return to the heavy stuff. What this genre is lacking is diversity in emotions, it sounds like a continuous angry trip and that can make your attention slip, but because of the rather short length of the album Seven Daily Sins have scored a hit record.

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