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Cloak Of Altering - The Night Comes Illuminated With Death

Cloak Of Altering - The Night Comes Illuminated With Death

Label : Human Jigsaw | Archive under black metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Martin : Mories is simply unstoppable. As if his projects Gnaw Their Tongues, De Magia Veterum and Aderlating weren't already enough the prolific Dutchman found time to release yet another album under yet another moniker. 'The Night Comes Illuminated With Death' is in many respects very recognizably Mories, offering highly disjointed riffs, an omnipresent bass, unrelenting drum programming and haunting vocals. In one aspect Cloak Of Altering is very different from its related projects though: all six songs on this album have very clear structures, making 'The Night Comes Illuminated With Death' Mories' most accessible work so far.

It seems Cloak Of Altering was conceived with the mission to come as close as inhumanly possible to making 'conventional' atmospheric black metal. Indeed there is a very strong 'In The Nightside Eclipse' to this album, but its angular drumming and futuristic synth sounds lend it an atmospheric tough not at all dissimilar to Aborym. It's almost disappointing to see Mories release such linear, logical music. Not that this is easy listening of course. Like all his other projects Cloak Of Altering has a sense of dementia to it, a sense of urgency, as if being chased by a particularly gnarly beast that is not quite out of sight. Therefore 'The Night Comes Illuminated With Death' is oppressive rather than majestic, and also particularly savage due to its unrelenting blasts. How many albums can Mories churn out on an annual basis without sacrificing quality? Who knows, but for now Cloak Of Altering is, yet again, worth listening.

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