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The Tangent - COMM

The Tangent - COMM

Label : Inside Out | Archive under prog / sympho metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Winston : Just when I was wondering what was going on with the English prog rockers of The Tangent editor in chief Horst sent me 'COMM', the fifth album of the Andy Tillison lead collective. A die hard in the scene this Tillison, not all of the albums are equal in quality but they are still above par. In the last two years he worked on this effort with the returned members Jonathan Barret and Tony Latham but more remarkable the new 22 year old guitarist Luke Machin. Yes, 22! As the music of The Tangent leans on the classic English prog sound I was afraid that the sound would be different but these fears were shot to pieces; Tillison and his men created a wonderful and maybe the best album of their discography. 'The Wikiman', opening track and why not a epic right away, catches the attention immediately and the closing track 'Titanic Calls Carpathia' offers a side of the band not heard before with a serene yet haunting feel. Tillison's voice fits better and a nice Pink Floyd / Genesis like atmosphere creeps in. Communication is the overall theme of the album and it is beyond remarkable how the concept is spread out on the bands' great website; 100% supportive. With Tillison's delightful keyboards and the smooth yet tight interaction with the rest of the band 'COMM' delivers top quality. ReCOMMended!

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