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Ragnaröek - Eiskalt

Ragnaröek - Eiskalt

Label : Trollzorn Records | Archive under different metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Wilco : My god, there seems to be an endless flow of mediocre German, 'mitterlalter rock' albums. This year I had to reivew countless of these boring albums in the genre (exceptions are of course Saltatio Mortis and Ingrimm). And I really do like this genre, but there seems to be a lack of good representatives. Most of 'm are like cleaning ladies who run a classy hotel.

This, of course German, Ragnaröek (how inventive) annoys me to tears with their 'Eiskalt' album. The vocals are bad and sound like a Klingon having a cold. Now you know how that sounds. Musically, this act seems to be lost. I hear ska, punk, pagan and rock mixed up, with the historical sounds as background. Sadly, none of these genres seems to be popular among the members of the band, considering how weak and dull it all sounds. It irritates me as soon as the first song is only half way, with the bad vocals as an ultimate proof. 'Meer' and 'Furchtlos' are the needed positive exceptions. During these songs it sounds like another act is playing, except the vocals of course. Don't be eluded by the catchy intros of some of the songs, because after that the level of enjoyment starts a downhill race which cannot be stopped. Forget this album.

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