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Eyeconoclast - Sharpening Our Blades On The Mainstream

Eyeconoclast - Sharpening Our Blades On The Mainstream

Label : Downfall Records | Archive under death metal / grindcore

Release type: Mini-CD

Wilco : A cool name and a cool title is not enough. When based in Italy it is even harder to perform because of all the cheesy acts form that country. But these guys know how it goes. This EP pounds, kills, wounds, stinks, ramms, growls, chops and swings like no other. Only three songs are to be found on 'Sharpening Our Blades On The Mainstream', but this is quite some promotional material.

It is a mixture of US death metal (Cannibal Corpse, Malevolent Creation etc.) with European melodic death metal (Bloodbath) which is of high quality and very heavy/brutal. Technical skills are omnipotent, but still the bands know how to create pounding catchy parts so that this is more than complex maths. The pace varies from fast to very fast to ultra fast, vocals vary from high to low and the rhythms change from chaotic to catchy. Moreover, aggression is very much present and the sound of the EP is unbelievable. Ultra fast US death metal is not my favourite style, but these gentlemen know how to form in into a nice package, because of the melodic elements. One moment you don't know what is coming and one moment later you are singing and swinging along. Very varied indeed, but it stil sounds coherent. Check out the drummer by the way...he is remarkable.

Their first full-length album is about to be issued, let it come! Fans of very brutal, but still catchy death metal should buy this EP instantly. Tips? All three songs, of course. There is still hope for Italian metal.

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