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Evergaze Eternity  - Uninvolved

Evergaze Eternity - Uninvolved

Label : | Archive under gothic metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Melanie : Evergaze Eternity is a gothic metal project of two people. Giovanni on the keys and vocals of Valeria. Fortunately, it does not resemble standard gothic metal. On the other side, it's not ground-breaking either. Valeria has a light voice, quite neutral and even a bit poppy. She has the same hysteria in her voice as Dolores from The Cranberries, but of course she is not that good. I do hear potential in her vocals, and I'm sure that after some years of practice and being around talented more musicians, she will make it. Maybe with all that, this music will not sound as bad as it does. The intention must have been good, and of course they must have had great plans… The whole thing just came out very poor. I'm sure it must be a hell of a task to put an entire album on its feet with only two people, but I know it's possible if you have two amazingly talented people. So, I rest my case. The album itself is not unpleasant to hear, it is simple, clear and reasonably diverse. The production is also just fine. There is one thing though… There is this bloody annoying cover of Madonna's 'Live To Tell'. I have never been a big fan of the original, but this version does not add anything.

Well, this is definitely an album that I will never listen to again, but I do hope for them that they will wait a few years until they release another album. Maybe after a few years of practice (practice makes perfect) that it will sound like their own sound.

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