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Desalmado - Hereditas

Desalmado - Hereditas

Label : Greyhaze Records | Archive under death metal / grindcore

Release type: Mini-CD

Erik : There cannot be enough bands to review from Brazil is my humble opinion. Just remember the beginning of the thrash metal and death metal that hailed from exotic places as Sao Paolo or Rio de Janeiro. Anyway, the recordings of this death metal inspired grindcore piece 'Heriditas' were done over four years ago and put away in a fridge for some reason. Now, they are still releasing it as an appetizer for the forthcoming debut album. Whether it is a tasty meal or smart move is another thing. They blast away six songs in mere fourteen minutes and they do that in a modernized Agathocles and Rot style. Straightforward, no surprises, no candy coating, just hand on you balls and squeezing like hell. The result: a bit of boredom after two to three songs since the result is always very predictable. Still I advise you to hear the title track and I wish for the new album to contain some of those same structures. It will be a big surprise!

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