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Demented Retarded - Perverse Spiele Fotzendose

Demented Retarded - Perverse Spiele Fotzendose

Label : Coyote Records | Archive under death metal / grindcore

Release type: Full-length CD

Erik : The Russian label Coyote Records has this Chezch grindcore band under its wings and to read the faces on the booklet, you might suggest that the porn grindcore these (over aged?) men play should be something of a far past. The infantilism just oozes from their already third release 'Perverse Spiele Fotzendose': the really stupid cover drawing, the song tits euh titles I mean, the murdered pig vocals and the predictable East European grindcore. That last remark does not have to be a bad thing I guess because I do like a portion of old East European grindcore. What I do not like is the restrictions of porn or stupidity these guys take upon themselves to not make a CD that could be great in art, music, style… No, just keep on singing about 'Puma Swede' (a porn actrice, quite yummie actually), 'Herr Spritzer' or 'Das Semenbrot'. The songs have potential but due to lack of seriousness, they are and will not be taken seriously.

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