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Anger Cell - Haven For The Forsaken

Anger Cell - Haven For The Forsaken

Label : Eigen beheer | Archive under death metal / grindcore

Release type: Demo

Pim B. : This Finnish band started in 2008 when the five members, who have a past in bands like A.R.G. and Pain Confessor, decided to make music together. After a demo in 2009 this new four-track demo is the next step in the band's career. I think they won't crack many skulls with this one. The opening song 'Warcry' is a fast song that reminded me of Defleshed who also played this type if thrashy death metal. After this song the tempo slows down and there is a main role for the melodies. It's all okay but nothing more than that. It doesn't blow you away and that is something that is quite necessary for a band to impress. This band just doesn't have the same impact yet a band like Amorphis does have.

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