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Anubis Gate - Anubis Gate

Anubis Gate - Anubis Gate

Label : Nightmare | Archive under prog / sympho metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Bart D. : Anubis Gate are back after 'The Detached', which was and remains a brilliant highlight of progressive catchiness with an engaging storyline attached to it. This new record sees some changes. There is no concept story laid out, making every song having to stand more on its own. But the most important change is that Jacob Hansen stepped down from behind the microphone. Luckily, he is still taking care of the brilliant production together with guitarist/keyboardist Kim Olesen. Vocal duties are taken up by Henrik Fevre, who also is the main lyricist. I've seen him perform before as vocalist on ProgPower, and since that left a positive impression, I'm having high hopes not to be disappointed.

It has to be said: at first listen, I kind of missed the immensely powerful vocals of Jacob Hansen - his typical sense for vocal melodies does pop up in 'Facing Dawn'. But as with all good things, Henrik Fevre's vocals work gradually work their charm on you. His singing is very solid and sophisticated, never soaring or dramatic but very honest and direct. The message gets delivered. Sophisticated also is the perfect word for what Anubis Gate produce on their new record: the highly detailed layers of electronics, the compositional fluidity and the harmonious entanglements - addictive melodies aplenty! Pure listening pleasure. Even a pounding track like 'Desiderio Omnibus' or 'Telltale Eyes' sounds salonfähig. This doesn't mean that the band is lacking in metal energy; it's more like they know how to let their metal rock in a virtuoso style...excuse my clumsy formulation. As opposed to their previous record, I didn't get a full month to let it sink in. But next month we'll be back with an interview to let things sink in some more. Meanwhile, I advise everyone to put their headphones on and sigh in mature delight. Aaaah, splendid!

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