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Primus - Green Naugahyde

Primus - Green Naugahyde

Label : | Archive under fusion / jazz

Release type: Full-length CD

Marcel H. : Yes, finally they are back on the full-length album front, the cartoonesque musical virtuoso's called Primus. The title and cover art of this nice little ditty exactly already give away what we can expect. A cycling animation puppet (unfortunately not made of PlayDough) as cover art and 'Green Nauguhyde' (Nauguhyde is a brand of artificial leather in the US) as title make one suspect that the band is returning to its musical roots, or to be more precise the heydays of 'Suck On This', 'Frizzle Fry' and 'Sailing The Seas Of Cheese'. Are these high expectations, on my part, met? Hmm, both yes and no, let's say partly. All the right ingredients are present to place 'Green Nauguhyde' after the first three classics.

It all is kicked off with an intro, which could have been used on the first couple of albums, and that is followed by typical Primus songs such as 'Hennepin Crawler' and 'Last Salmon Man', especially 'Last Salmon Man' would have fit snugly on to one of the first three albums. And as can be concluded from the song title Les Claypool is still fond of fishing. Musically 'Last Salmon Man' is also vintage Primus to the bone, so freaky funky bass playing, free flowing guitaring and nice subtle and loose drumming. This song takes you back to the Primus of the late Eighties and early Nineties. The next highlight is halfway through the album in the form of 'Jilly's On Smack'. A luscious grooving and flowing song that due to its nagging undertone reminds me a little of 'Southbound Pachyderm'. 'Jilly's On Smack' is the darkest song on 'Green Nauguhyde', which, judging by the title, of course isn't strange at all. After this high point it all goes down a little. Especially the proceeding 'Lee Van Cleef' is somewhat alienating after the dark song preceding it. Due to its subject matter it is at almost right angles to it, and also music wise. 'Moron TV' which follows is once again a strong song in the line of 'Jilly's On Smack' and showcases a much more serious and critical of social structure. De next five minutes consisting of 'Green Ranger' and 'HOINFODAMAN' are unfortunately pure filler material. 'Extinction Burst', however, is once again a real Primus song. And the closing outro 'Salmon Men' is, like what we used to see in the past with Primus, an epilogue to the fisherman's chronicles song 'Last Salmon Man'.

So, all in all, a cool album, which due to the filler material however does come across unbalanced at times. That is an illness Primus already suffered from in the past and it seems that after eleven years the band still hasn't been cured. But luckily what remains is vintage Primus which will certainly make fans of the early days happy. And songs such as 'Last Salmon Man' and 'Jilly's On Smack' are just pure gold.

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