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Mangrove - Live Beyond Reality

Mangrove - Live Beyond Reality

Label : | Archive under prog / sympho metal

Release type: DVD/Video/Blu-ray

Winston : Look here. Through their studio albums it was already clear that the Dutch prog rock fan can be thrilled with a band such as Mangrove. After the 2009 album 'Beyond Reality' they set foot on the stage of De Gigant in Apeldoorn (Holland) and filmed the performance with a few camera's. Because the image and sound quality of video recording equipment are of better quality these days the band found out that it was good enough to release it on DVD, produced all by themselves. It shows courage but also determination for your band, they really go for it and realize that they must give it all. Is it fair to say something about aspects as lighting, the somewhat wobbly sound and slight mistakes? I don't think so, you know what you can expect and what you get is a lot, given the circumstance. The classic prog (Genesis, Pink Floyd, Yes) influenced rock of Mangrove is delightful to listen to. An minor point of criticism is the Dutch accent of singer/guitarist Roland van der Horst. It doesn't hurt the ambiance and his great guitar solos make up for this, together with the keyboard backing of Chris Jonker. The show was divided in two parts; 'The Black Show' (first half) and 'The White Show' (second half) which is a nice detail. Mangrove have put themselves on the DVD map and may be proud of it.

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