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Lesoir - Lesoir

Lesoir - Lesoir

Label : Marista | Archive under alternative / pop

Release type: Full-length CD

Wim S. : Lesoir is a Belgian five-piece band, consisting of four men and one female singer. And that singing woman (Maartje Meessen) is the most significant member of this young band along with guitarist and songwriter Ingo Dassen. In their biography the bands says they play heavy rock with great melodies, with a nod to bands like Skunk Anansie, A Perfect Circle and Soundgarden. And they would have a raw, pure and dark sound. As so often after reaing a bio I start to wonder whether I've listened to the same CD. I cannot disagree more. Lesoir is quite a cool band, but still very young and inexperienced and therefore not ready yet for the real thing.

Listen to a track like 'As Beauty Disappears ' and you can hear a potential good song. But Maartje's vocals in that song are not good and convincing enough. Someone like Anneke van Giersbergen would give that song a huge boost. But also the other musicians are too unobtrusive, while the song asks for and gives room for more. That space is recaptured in 'True Story' a pretty standard song but apparently that fits the band much better at this stage of their careers. When listening to this CD I have no time to think of A Perfect Circle, and Soundgarden maybe once passed by (the 'Ultra Mega OK 'guitar sound of Ingo Dassen and Nick Franssen in 'Dominion'). The album is everything but raw and dark. No, it's an album with eleven mostly reasonable songs, with a singer who does not captivate after listening to her for a few songs (despite her enthusiasm, she has too little content, range and flexibility) and the input of bass player Alex Van Damme and drummer Ruben van Asselt is too discrete. In a time when we are overloaded with releases I have to be strict and I cannot reward the band with a high score mainly for being sympathetic and enthusiastic. When the band is capable of throwing away the hesitation and able to write more catchy songs, things will work out just fine for Lesoir.

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